Author name: GPL Technologies

START-UP ROOTS. GLOBAL BRANCHES. In 2003, GPL Technologies began designing IT solutions and data infrastructures to meet the unique needs of post-production facilities. Under the leadership of Brian Terrell, a digital media pipeline expert, GPL has expanded its services to include VFX shops, feature film studios, and game development houses across the globe. GPL Technologies stands out from the competition with our exceptional team of production IT specialists proficient in various industry platforms. Our dedicated experts offer client-focused solutions and unparalleled service, giving us a significant advantage in delivering top-notch results for our valued clients. From multi-platform systems, storage area and high-performance networks, render farm implementation and 2D/3D workflow, to editing pipeline integrations and custom software solutions, GPL is squarely focused on helping its customers increase productivity and cost-efficiency across production facilities. Our global presence in production-centric cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and London enables GPL to provide ongoing data infrastructure maintenance and 24/7 support with renowned speed, expertise and enthusiasm to Media and Entertainment studios everywhere. Day or night, you will always speak to a professional who understands production.

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