Autodesk Flow Production Tracking to Jira Bridge

Seamless Integration and Synchronization between Autodesk Flow Production Tracking and Jira by GPL Software Services

Streamline Your Production Workflow

Bi-directional synchronization between Autodesk Flow Production Tracking and Jira.

Enhance your game production workflow by enabling seamless bi-directional syncing between Autodesk Flow Production Tracking and Jira, ensuring that project management, collaboration, and communication across platforms are smooth and efficient, ultimately leading to improved productivity.


Supported Features and Standard Mappings

• Syncing any AFPT Entity to or from a particular Jira Issue type.

• Syncing Jira Fix Versions, Epics to or from AFPT Entities.

• Syncing AFPT Notes or Replies as Jira comments, with attachments.

• Syncing time estimates.

• Syncing AFPT Time logs to and from Jira worklogs.

• Maintaining relationships and hierarchy both in Jira and AFPT.


• Initiating syncing for a particular entity either from AFPT or Jira.


• Defining statuses mappings between Jira and AFPT.


• Syncing AFPT Assets to Jira Issues with a custom “Asset” type.

• Syncing Jira Epics as a custom AFPT Entity and maintaining Epic links both in Jira and AFPT for synced Task.


• Syncing Jira Fix Versions as AFPT Releases and maintaining values both in Jira and AFPT for synced Task. Syncing AFPT Notes as Jira comments for synced Tasks.


• Maintaining Jira time estimates from AFPT Tasks bids and time logs for synced Tasks.

How the Bridge Works

Enhanced Workflow

The Autodesk Flow Production Tracking Jira bridge is a combination of services allowing bi-directional syncing from Flow to Jira.

Our intuitive web frontend allows admin users to define and customize synchronization mappings between Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) entities or attributes and Jira entities or properties.

This includes Notes, Replies, Attachments, Time Logs and time estimates, and properties, while also keeping track of relationships, hierarchies, and status mappings. The integration is seamless and enhances project management.

Seamless Integration and Synchronization

Our team of talented professionals will configure the bridge and provide training, ensuring seamless integration and synchronization.

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Our expertise includes designing VFX and Animation Production pipelines, whether it’s a single facility implementation or a cloud distributed workflow. We also integrate solutions for all primary digital content creation tools such as Autodesk Flow Production Tracking, ftrack, Maya, Flame, 3DS Max, Nuke, Photoshop, Jira, Deadline, and more.

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