Streamlining Creative Workflows:
A Case Study on Automation and Managed Services

Reducing Onboarding Times and Empowering Users at Concept Arts

The Story

Concept Arts, a leading creative design studio in the media and entertainment industry, faced efficiency challenges and security issues stemming from the frequent onboarding and offboarding of employees for a diverse range of projects. GPL Technologies, their Managed Service Provider (MSP), intervened to streamline these processes, enhancing efficiency and security through automation.

A pivotal aspect of this transformation was the adoption of Addigy for Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM). As Concept Arts exclusively operates with Mac devices, Addigy proved indispensable in automating software deployment, bolstering security measures, and facilitating on-demand remote support. The outcomes of this implementation were profound:

➤  Reduced Onboarding Time: Hours-long onboarding processes were condensed to mere minutes, optimizing operational efficiency.

➤  Empowered Onboarding Experience: Through a user-friendly interface, Concept Arts gained the capability to onboard both full-time employees and freelancers independently, reducing reliance on IT support.

➤  Streamlined Software Deployment: Addigy automated approximately 90% of software deployment tasks, eliminating manual interventions and enhancing productivity.

➤  Enhanced Security Measures: Robust security protocols were implemented to safeguard company hardware and intellectual property, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.

Business Needs

Expedite onboarding and off-boarding processes.

Reduce manual efforts and associated costs and errors.

Enhance security measures, especially for secure remote logins through VPN.

The Solution

The implemented solution encompassed various facets aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing security at Concept Arts. User onboarding automation was achieved through Ansible and Azure DevOps, significantly reducing manual efforts. The automated onboarding system also accommodates the dynamic nature of Concept Arts’ workforce, efficiently managing the frequent rotation of freelancers. This system allows for easy re-provisioning of users who return to Concept Arts, ensuring continuity and quick integration.

A pivotal aspect of this transformation was integrating Addigy for Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM), alongside Ansible and AWX. This integration aimed to minimize user administration tasks, particularly for freelancers cycling in and out of the company. Given Concept Arts’ exclusive use of Mac devices, Addigy proved indispensable in automating software deployment, enhancing security measures, and enabling on-demand remote support. The outcomes of this implementation were profound.

The integration of Addigy also facilitated the implementation of essential security measures, ensuring the protection of company hardware and intellectual property. This included remote encryption, device locking, and data wiping capabilities, bolstering Concept Arts’ defense against unauthorized access and potential data breaches. Moreover, Addigy provided on-demand remote support, empowering Concept Arts with efficient troubleshooting capabilities, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Single Sign-On (SSO) integration through Okta and Apple’s MDM platform ensured a consistent login experience across devices, promoting operational consistency and user convenience. Azure DevOps played a pivotal role in managing code collaboratively, enhancing scalability, and ensuring the maintainability of automation scripts.

The Implementation

The Results

The implementation of these solutions led to significant outcomes for Concept Arts:

➤  Efficiency: User onboarding time was dramatically reduced from hours to minutes. GPL Technologies and Concept Arts collaboratively mapped out the onboarding process, identifying opportunities for automation. Using Ansible and Azure DevOps, they crafted Ansible plays to automate specific tasks. Additionally, user-friendly forms were implemented on AWX, allowing non-technical staff to execute these processes, significantly reducing manual efforts and enhancing the end-user experience.

➤  Infrastructure Streamlining: Cloud-based solutions reduced Concept Arts’ reliance on local infrastructure, enhancing scalability and operational flexibility. Additionally, the automation system adeptly handles the rotation of freelancers, a common practice at Concept Arts. It allows for seamless re-provisioning of returning users, maintaining workflow continuity and reducing administrative overhead.

➤ Consistency: SSO implementation provided a unified login experience irrespective of the user’s location or device, fostering operational consistency and user satisfaction.

➤ Security: In addition to Addigy’s role in automating software deployment and enabling remote support, it played a crucial role in enforcing security measures such as remote encryption, device locking, and data wiping. Additionally, two-factor authentication was enforced for necessary applications, further enhancing security protocols.

➤ Client Potential and Expansion: The successful implementation of these solutions paved the way for Concept Arts to explore extending similar streamlined processes and enhanced identity management services to clients, indicating potential expansion opportunities and reinforcing their position as a leader in the industry.


GPL Technologies’ innovative approach, particularly the implementation of Addigy for Apple MDM, transformed Concept Arts’ HR processes, reducing onboarding time from hours to minutes. The automation not only saved time and costs but also enhanced focus on core tasks. Concept Arts now operates with heightened efficiency, security, and confidence in their internal processes, setting a precedent for streamlined operations in the media and entertainment industry.

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