Transforming This Top YouTube Content Creator’s Workflow with Strategic MSP Support

Establishing Workflow Efficiency for a Rapidly Growing Company with Specialized Managed Services.

The Story

After a decade-long journey dedicated to content creation, this luminary influencer and content creator has emerged as a dynamic force in the influencer arena of the media and entertainment industry. Boasting an impressive 16.5 million subscribers and a staggering 9 billion views on YouTube, they have not only expanded their fan base but have also elevated their content output and scaled their business with impressive finesse. As their creative prowess catapulted them to fame, the ensuing demand for high-quality content revealed significant challenges with their former Managed Service Provider (MSP).  

The former MSP, lacking expertise in supporting media and entertainment workflows, was unable to comprehend the content creator’s unique needs to match their rapid growth. This created inefficiencies at a time when there was no room for technological hangups.

The client needed an MSP that could keep up with their exponential growth and establish an IT infrastructure that would ensure they could focus on creating instead of supporting their technology. GPL Technologies found that the challenge was clear: streamline the complex on-premises infrastructure, enhance collaboration among remote artists with cloud-based storage, and optimize their media production workflows with collaboration tools that enable secure data access anywhere, anytime. 


Business Needs

Seamless Remote Collaboration: Tools to enable efficient collaboration among remote artists and to provide seamless file access from anywhere.  

Simplified Data Storage and Access: Transition to video-optimized, cloud-based storage to reduce reliance on older hardware, improve data availability, and enable high-bandwidth access to all end-user locations. 

Expert MSP Support: Partner with an MSP experienced in media workflows to ensure deep understanding of unique industry-specific requirements. 



The Implementation


Detailed understanding of existing setup and their workflow intricacies.  


Removed the existing on-prem storage and implemented cloud-based storage. 

Pilot Testing

Proof-of-concept environment to introduce VDI workstations to select artists and designers for feedback. Adjusted design to accommodate artist and corporate IT requirements. 


Enabled seamless access to cloud storage as if it were a local share. Replaced network infrastructure with high-performance equipment.  

Ongoing Support

Monitored system post-install and tuned for performance. Provided ongoing support to ensure artist success. 

The Solution

GPL Technologies’ solution was implemented in three phases. First, GPL transitioned the client from on-premises storage to LucidLink’s cloud-based storage solution, simplifying data storage and access methods and reducing the cost of on-prem infrastructure and maintenance. This move enabled artists to collaborate seamlessly, working on projects from different locations as if they were accessing files from a local server while simultaneously improving reliability and eliminating a high-risk single point of failure. 

Next, GPL Technologies replaced the existing outdated network components with high-performance equipment, enhancing connectivity, and enabling remote monitoring and management. Equipment was re-racked as needed and proper cable management was employed to ensure physical infrastructure was sound and easy to manage as the customer’s environment grows.  

Finally, using GPL’s custom tools, we provided continuous monitoring and support, ensuring the stability and security of the workflows. 


The three-month transformation process led by GPL Technologies significantly improved the client’s workflow efficiency. The adoption of LucidLink’s cloud storage simplified data access and collaboration, reducing costs associated with on-premises infrastructure. The upgraded network infrastructure facilitated faster data transfer and provided robust remote management capabilities. Moreover, GPL Technologies’ proactive 24/7 monitoring and support ensured that the operations remained seamless and uninterrupted. 

In conclusion, the partnership with GPL Technologies not only addressed the client’s immediate challenges but also positioned them for future growth. By embracing cloud-based solutions and optimizing their network infrastructure, the media team now operates with enhanced efficiency, reduced complexity, and increased collaboration capabilities, making them well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment production. 

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