Flying Bark Productions’ Los Angeles Expansion:
A Comprehensive IT and Office Build Out

GPL Technologies swiftly and seamlessly designed and implemented a customized infrastructure solution for Flying Bark’s rapid expansion into the US market

The Story

Flying Bark Productions, an Australian animation studio with over 50 years of experience, aimed to expand rapidly into the United States. Offering full-service production, from hand-drawn 2D animation to live-action shoots and CGI animation, Flying Bark has an esteemed clientele including Netflix, Nickelodeon, Marvel, LEGO, Disney+, and more. In addition to client work, Flying Bark also has a roster of their own in-house projects, including 100% Wolf franchise, Blinky Bill franchise and more. To navigate this expansion and the increasing number of projects, Flying Bark partnered with GPL Technologies, a leading LA-based Media & Entertainment IT specialist.
Coming from Sydney, Australia to establish an additional base in Los Angeles, Flying Bark required a partner familiar with their creative and technical pipelines and capable of navigating LA’s fast-paced landscape. Entrusting GPL Technologies to facilitate their expansion, Flying Bark aimed to establish a fully functional animation studio in LA within a tight timeframe.

This comprehensive project involved selecting a prime office location and implementing a scalable IT infrastructure within a few weeks. The result was a fully operational office space catering to Flying Bark’s team of over 50 US-based employees (with over 500 employees worldwide). Thanks to GPL Technologies’ expertise, Flying Bark seamlessly transitioned into their new office, equipped with all necessary hardware and infrastructure. With tailored solutions and cutting-edge technology, GPL Technologies enabled Flying Bark to unleash their creative potential and set new standards in the animation industry.

Business Needs

Establish a Los Angeles office swiftly to facilitate interna- tional market expansion.

Source and provide essential IT equipment for the new office.

Partner with a service provider capable of guiding Flying Bark Productions through the entire setup process.

Ensure the new USA office is equipped with cutting-edge technology and robust infrastructure.

Tailor the technology and infrastructure to specifically support the unique needs of animation work.



The Implementation

The Solution

When Flying Bark approached GPL to discuss building their new studio in Los Angeles, they aimed to utilize familiar components from their main office in Australia to ensure seamless support by their in-house IT team.

Storage Infrastructure

Flying Bark opted for Qumulo storage, specifically Quiver Hybrid 96Tb nodes, creating a high-performance storage cluster. Leveraging existing support agreements, they extended support to the new Los Angeles cluster to maintain continuity.

Server Virtualization

To avoid underutilized equipment and high procurement and operational costs, GPL recommended server virtualization. Utilizing VMware vSphere Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell PowerVault dedicated VM storage system, GPL established a High-Availability VM cluster. VMware High Availability cluster, along with Enhanced vMotion technology, ensures critical infrastructure protection and facilitates future capacity expansion seamlessly.

Networking Setup

To ensure efficient communication among systems, GPL implemented redundant 25Gbit/s switching fabric using Dell core switches. User workstations were connected via 10G copper Dell switches, with with newly installed 10G-capable Ethernet runs coordinated throughout the office. Extreme Networks access points were strategically placed for optimal wireless coverage.

Security Measures

For cybersecurity, a Fortinet firewall with ample capacity and constant VPN tunnel connection to the Sydney office was deployed. This setup ensures robust protection and facilitates easy file access across locations through access policies.

Power Redundancy

In the event of utility power outages, all equipment is powered through four redundant PDUs cross-connected to two redundant network-man- aged UPS units provided by Eaton. This setup guarantees equipment protection and provides battery runtime for safe shutdowns.


In just a matter of weeks, Flying Bark Productions partnered with GPL Technologies and opened their first international office in Los Angeles. This bold move allowed them to hit the ground creating, seamlessly expanding their business to the US market and increasing production without any technological obstacles.

During the first four months of operation in their new international venture, Flying Bark Productions experienced unparalleled success and ease. With no complaints or support tickets, the office build out seamlessly supported their production pipelines and Flying Bark could thrive as a force to be reckoned with in the animation industry. By selecting GPL Technologies as their partner, Flying Bark benefited from tailored solutions, streamlined processes, and a single point of contact for all their IT needs.

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