AAA Game Company Case Study

This AAA Game Company Seamlessly Uses Autodesk ShotGrid and Jira with GPL Technologies' Integration Solution


A leading AAA Game Company in California faced a significant challenge in managing its creative and production processes. They utilized Autodesk ShotGrid for managing creative assets and Jira for game production. However, the absence of native synchronization between these two critical systems created inefficiencies and coordination difficulties. This case study explores how GPL Technologies’ ShotGrid to Jira Bridge application revolutionized the game company’s workflow management. 

The Challenge

The Game Company’s use of ShotGrid and Jira in isolation led to fragmented workflows. This disconnection resulted in: 

  • Duplication of work. 
  • Increased chances of miscommunication. 
  • Difficulty in tracking project progress accurately. 
  • Inefficiencies in resource allocation. 

GPL Technologies' Solution

GPL Technologies developed the ShotGrid to Jira Bridge, a service enabling bi-directional synchronization between ShotGrid and Jira. This solution allowed the client to: 

    • Synchronize any ShotGrid Entity with a specific Jira Issue type. 
    • Sync Jira Fix Versions and Epics with ShotGrid Entities.
  • Maintain relationships and hierarchies in both systems. 
  • Initiate syncing from either platform. 
  • Define custom mappings and status correlations. 

Standard mappings included syncing ShotGrid Assets to Jira Issues, linking ShotGrid Tasks to Jira Task Issues, and maintaining Jira time estimates from ShotGrid tasks. 

The Implementation

GPL’s Software Services division, with a background in VFX and Animation Production pipelines, implemented this solution. The process involved: 

1st. Custom development to tailor the solution to the company’s specific needs 2nd. Workflow expertise to ensure seamless integration. 3. Training for the company’s team to maximize the tool's utility.

“It was a pleasure to work with this AAA Game Company. As early adopters, they helped us shape and design our tool to make it useful and production-proof.

It is also very rewarding to see our bridge widely used across many projects, allowing teams to use Jira or ShotGrid seamlessly.”

-Stephane Deverly
Distinguished Software Engineer
GPL Technologies


The ShotGrid to Jira Bridge led to significant improvements in the workflow: 

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined communication between creative and production teams. 

Improved Project Tracking: Real-time updates and tracking of assets and tasks across platforms

Reduced Redundancy: Elimination of duplicate entries and reduced manual work. 

Better Resource Management: Accurate time tracking and allocation of resources. 

Increased Productivity: Smoother workflow leading to faster project completion. 

ShotGrid Screenshot


GPL Technologies’ ShotGrid to Jira Bridge application provided a comprehensive solution to the Game Company’s workflow management challenges. By enabling bi-directional sync between Autodesk ShotGrid and Jira, the team experienced enhanced efficiency, better resource management, and improved project tracking. This integration exemplifies the importance of cohesive workflow systems in large-scale game production and the effectiveness of tailored technological solutions in addressing specific industry needs. 

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