Managed vs. Traditional IT: Creative Edge

In the ever-evolving world of IT, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and meet the demands of a rapidly changing technological landscape. GPL Technologies, with its roots in creative workflows, has been a trusted partner for companies in the media and entertainment industry since 2003.  

As businesses in this industry strive for efficiency and agility, the choice between Managed Services and Traditional IT Support becomes paramount. In this article, we will delve into the key differences between these two approaches and guide you in making an informed decision to enhance your creative workflow. 

Managed Services – Empowering Creative Workflow 

Managed Services have emerged as a game-changer for businesses in creative workflows. Here is why: 

  • “Always-On” Support: In the creative industry, downtime is not an option. Managed Services offer continuous support, ensuring your creative team can work seamlessly, even outside standard business hours. This “always-on” approach is critical for meeting tight production deadlines.
  • Access to Specialized Expertise: Creative workflows require specialized skills and expertise. With Managed Services, you gain access to a pool of technical experts who are proficient in the industry’s specific platforms, ensuring your team has the support it needs to tackle complex projects effectively. 
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Managed Services take a proactive stance. Instead of waiting for issues to arise, the MS team works behind the scenes to predict and prevent disruptions, ensuring your creative workflow remains uninterrupted. 
  • Contractual SLAs: Managed Services are governed by contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs), covering responsiveness and issue resolution. You can choose various levels of response time based on the severity of the issues, guaranteeing the continuity of your creative applications. 
  • Cost Efficiency: While creative workflows demand top-notch technical support, it is essential to manage costs effectively. Managed Services offer a predictable fixed-fee model, allowing for budgeting and cost management. Over a 3-year period, a medium-sized company can save up to approximately 40% compared to traditional in-house IT support. 

Traditional IT Support – The “Break-Fix” Approach 

Traditional IT Support, often known as “break-fix” support, has been a staple for many businesses. Here is how it works: 

  • Reactive Nature: Traditional IT Support operates reactively. When something goes wrong, users notify the help desk and wait for the problem to be fixed. This can lead to downtime, which can be costly in the creative industry. 
  • In-House or Outsourced: Traditional IT support can be in-house or outsourced. Smaller businesses and some medium to larger businesses opt for in-house support. However, this model may not provide the necessary 24×7 availability required for creative workflows. 
  • Solves Immediate Problems: Traditional IT Support excels at solving immediate problems. It can be suitable for businesses with stable, non-complex IT environments or those with customized applications not subject to frequent upgrades. 
  • Resource and Cost Management: While it can be effective for certain scenarios, traditional IT support may require significant resource allocation, including salary, benefits, and training for full-time employees, resulting in higher costs. 

Deciding the Right Fit for Your Creative Workflow 

Choosing between Managed Services and Traditional IT Support boils down to understanding your business needs and pain points. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Application Vulnerabilities: If your creative applications require regular security patches and updates, Managed Services proactively handle these, ensuring your applications remain secure. 
  • Utilization and Adoption: For creative applications that require high performance and user adoption, Managed Services ensure they are optimized, reducing the risk of underutilization. 
  • Performance and Downtime: Creative workflows demand optimal performance and minimal downtime. Managed Services monitor and maintain your applications, reducing the risk of productivity loss due to technical issues. 
  • Resource Training: If you struggle to keep your creative team trained and updated, Managed Services can shoulder the responsibility, allowing your internal resources to focus on strategic projects. 

Elevating Creative Workflows with Managed Services 

In the world of creative workflows, where every second counts, Managed Services emerge as the ideal choice. With “always-on” support, access to specialized expertise, proactive issue resolution, contractual SLAs, and cost efficiency, Managed Services empower businesses in the media and entertainment industry to stay competitive. 

GPL Technologies, with its deep understanding of creative workflows, can be your trusted partner in transitioning to Managed Services. By choosing this approach, you position your business for future growth, ensuring an uninterrupted creative process. 

If you are ready to explore how Managed Services can enhance your creative workflow, contact GPL Technologies to speak to an expert and get started on your journey to IT excellence. 

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