We understand the key to success and safety for our clients organizations.

Leave the security and compliance aspect to our experts, so that you can fully concentrate on unleashing your creativity. 

We work closely with you to fully understand your needs, ensuring that we can adhere to your specific compliance regulations and prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks from happening.

TPN & Compliance Services Include:

  • Security Program Development
  • Policies and Controls Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • IT Infrastructure Security Reviews
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Monitoring & Testing
  • Security Awareness Training
  • TPN Assessment Prep & Remediation
  • TPN Onsite & Remote Assessments

TPN Compliance Consulting & Execution

Security programs based on NIST & MPA best practices.
Need guidance for TPN compliance on a project basis? GPL’s experts work with you to dive deeply into your security posture and create an assessment identifying where improvements need to be made and how to put the remediation plan into action.


Continuous support means continuous improvement.

With Compliance-As-A-Service, we go one step further than offering a service; we forge a solid partnership. With routine team meetings and tools like ongoing security and threat monitoring, we ensure that you are consistently running smoothly and securely.

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