Explore our video collection designed to enhance your understanding of our software solutions, providing actionable insights and practical tips to optimize your studio workflows.

Delivery Tools                                                   

Check two of our tools for Autodesk Flow Production Tracking: Create Delivery and Ingest Delivery.

Create and Ingest Production Tools for Autodesk Flow Production Tracking

Designed for vendors and production teams, these tools streamline media handling from packaging to proxy creation and notification.

Jira to Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (ShotGrid) Bridge

GPL’s Jira Flow Bridge is a powerful tool that allows bidirectional syncing between Autodesk Flow Production Tracking and Jira.

Import Cut for Autodesk Flow Production Tracking

Learn about Import Cut, a revolutionary tool from GPL Technologies that seamlessly integrates EDLs and Quicktime movies into your Autodesk Flow Production Tracking system.

Setting Up a Vendor Bid Page on Autodesk Flow

This tutorial guides you through setting up a bid page for importing and tracking vendor bids efficiently in Autodesk Flow Production Tracking. 

Introducing Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (ShotGrid)

This video outlines how the newly branded ShotGrid, now Autodesk Flow, was built on the robust Design and Make Platform, and breaks down creative barriers and fosters collaboration among directors, artists, editors, and producers.

Custom Reports for Production  Tracking

GPL’s Reporting Tool, designed to create customizable, printable reports for production workflows.

GPL’s Time Monitor Tool for Flow Production Tracking

Discover the GPL Time Monitor, a powerful tool designed to enhance efficiency in your workflow by tracking user activity within the Flow Production Tracking Desktop.

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