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To enhance studio workflows and maximize your investment, custom production tracking tools are essential. However, out-of-the-box software doesn’t always suffice; you need to think outside the box.

Our team has developed innovative solutions and can help you set up a new studio or integrate your existing pipeline with other systems for optimal performance.

Autodesk ShotGrid

is now

Flow Production Tracking

Autodesk Flow revolutionizes the VFX industry by seamlessly integrating every stage of the production lifecycle in the cloud, tailored for VFX supervisors, producers, coordinators, and studios.

Its platform, built on Autodesk’s robust Design and Make Platform, promises an open, collaborative ecosystem free from traditional workflow barriers. With Flow, VFX teams are empowered to enhance creativity, efficiency, and data-driven insights, making every project smoother and more intuitive. Flow Capture and Flow Production Tracking, enriching the toolkit for digital filmmaking and project management, signal Autodesk’s commitment to driving innovation and breaking down silos in VFX production.

What to expect from GPL Software Services:


Work with a team of industry leaders.

Our developers work regularly with popular tools like Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid), ftrack, Epic Unreal, Unity, and Nvidia Omniverse. We have the partnerships and proficiency needed to perfect your pipeline.


Accelerate your pipeline effortlessly.

Upgrade your Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) workflow with our automation extensions for fast and efficient results. Easy deployment, minimal configuration, and enhanced file and error handling capabilities streamline your projects for maximum productivity.


We anticipate your team’s needs.
With years of experience supporting complex pipelines, trust our experts to give your team the documentation, technical support, and user training needed to make the most of your pipeline tool investment.

The Hub

Welcome to The Hub by GPL Software Services, our latest resource page designed to elevate your studio’s workflow. Explore videos, case studies, and tutorials that provide insights into our expert solutions, including customized Autodesk Flow (formerly ShotGrid) automations and tools. Discover how our tailored solutions can streamline your processes and enhance efficiency.


Maximize your Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) potential with our expertise in implementation and customization. Our custom solutions connect Autodesk Flow with popular tools like Perforce and Jira, and our ready-to-deploy solutions address common pain points for third-party file sharing. We also offer fully customized solutions to help you shape Flow Production Tracking into the perfect tool for your job.


Our team is committed to helping you create efficient workflows, saving time and money. We assess your workflow needs and integrate custom software solutions like GPL Automated Delivery Tools, Jira Bridge, and Automations. By working closely with you and your team, we ensure maximum efficiency in your pipeline and smooth production at every stage. Our partners include Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid), Backlight Creative’s ftrack and iconik, Epic Unreal, Unity, Bluescape, Storylink (formerly 5th Kind), and NVIDIA Omniverse, all contributing to our ability to deliver top-notch solutions.

We excel in VFX and Animation Production pipelines, from single facility implementations to cloud-distributed workflows. Our expertise includes seamless integration of major digital content creation tools such as Maya, Flame, 3DS Max, Nuke, Photoshop, Jira, Deadline, and more. 

Learn about our specialized Autodesk Flow consulting services and custom created tools.


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